Trade Orders

Question: Where to track account operations/transactions?

Answer: Upon completion of trading day and in case of availability of operations, the Client receives the account statement with reflection of all of the transactions and commissions for the last calendar day. Account statement is sent to the email address specified in the Client’s application form during the opening of the investment account. Example of the account statement may be found here.

Question: How to receive consolidated account statement in electronic form?

Answer: It is necessary to write a request to

Question: How to submit buy/sell order without access to QUIK terminal?

Answer: An order can be submitted via the phone with the aid of voice passwords. Also, an order can be sent from authorized email address to or submitted in paper form at the Company’s office.

Question: I have dollars on the account, but would like to purchase euro-denominated security without trading on margin. Is it possible?

Answer: In order to perform such operation it is necessary to convert USD into EUR firstly. This can be done via the:

  • Personal Account (Currency Conversion Instruction);
  • Telephone (using voice passwords);
  • Company’s office (submitting the order in paper form);
  • Email to (scanned copy of the order);
  • Currency market of the Moscow Exchange.

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