Question: I use QUIK terminal and am charged 50 USD per month. I intend to suspend operations with your Company, but do not plan to terminate the agreements. How to avoid this commission?

Answer: You can temporarily block access to QUIK terminal by sending a request via one of the following methods:

In order to regain access to QUIK terminal, it is necessary to send a request using same methods stipulated above.

Question: What rate is applied, if an order is sent in electronic form to or is submitted in paper form at the Company’s office?

Answer: Orders received via email or in paper form are classified as voice orders. Please note that commission of 2 EUR/2 USD/150 RUB is charged on submission of orders via email or in paper form (excluding deposit of funds).

Question: I would like to buy GOOGLE (Apple, etc) shares. How much per month will I pay for storage of these securities?

Answer: Tariffs are different. In your example, the rate will constitute 0.03% per annum taking into account the value of shares at the end of the month. Detailed information may be found here

Question: How to change the tariff?

Answer: In order to change the tariff, it is necessary to send a request to If additional information or actions are required, you will be informed via email.

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