Structured products

Structured product is a financial instrument combining the return of capital (as is the case with the bank deposit) as well as high expected yield on investment based on option contracts. It is important for the investor to assess the level of accepted risk, select required parameters and transfer the investment amount, while specialists of KIT Finance Europe will create the structured product from both exchange-traded and over-the-counter (OTC) financial instruments in accordance with the chosen strategy.

Parameters of the Structured Product

Underlying Asset – the price of equity, future, commodity and/or currency pair on the basis of which the financial result of the structured product is calculated.

Capital Protection Coefficient – is applied to the investment amount received by the investor after the closure of the structured product in addition to the financial result. Usually our structured products provide 100% protection, when investor receives back all the funds invested.

Strategy – determines the direction of expected movement of the underlying asset’s price: growth, decline or range.

In order to buy a structured product, please complete the questionnaire or contact our customer support team.

Additional information regarding structured products may be found on KIT Finance Broker’s website.

Please note that detailed features of conclusion and execution of trades with structured products are stipulated in Terms and Conditions for rendering investment services.

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