Trading platforms

For the purposes of direct access to Russian and global exchanges, KIT Finance Europe offers its clients QUIK trading terminal. The list of exchanges available can be found here.

For trading only on global markets and especially with derivatives we offer TWS platform, which allows private investors or professional traders to choose the interface and functionality best suited to their level of experience and trading style.

KIT Finance QUIK

QUIK is a trading platform which suits not only to professional traders but also to users with basic knowledge.

Test the trading platform QUIK

Main advantages of QUIK

KIT Finance TWS

User's guide Kit Finance TWS installation

KIT Finance TWS (Trader Workstation) offers the following benefits to professional traders:

Test the trading platform TWS

Main advantages of TWS

Direct Connections

Direct connections are realized individually under requirements of the professional participant, but KIT Finance Europe also offers standardized integration options. Our offers help reach the highest speed of order placement at different exchanges.

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Universal connection

Universal connections allow to connect to larger number of exchanges through a single point of entry, and thus, utilize all of the advantages of trade systems at minimum cost.

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Software and Hardware Co-location

KIT Finance Europe gives opportunity of placement of your software and equipment in the network infrastructure (co-location) and in data centers where the Company has its presence points.

We also offer intermediary services in co-location of hardware and trading software in data centers all over the globe.

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