Voice orders

It is possible to make transactions with stocks, bonds, futures and options, as well as other financial instruments, in the following ways:

  1. With the help of trading platforms, direct market access and universal connections. Learn more in Trading technologies.
  2. Via the voice order service to execute transactions
  3. Via the Personal account or otherwise stated by the Terms and Conditions of Rendering Investments Services.

KIT Finance Europe clients can use the voice order service to execute transactions on any trading platform throughout the trading session. Voice orders are accepted 9:30 – 24:00 Moscow Time. For the purposes of your identification and acceptance of the respective voice order, the broker must be provided with the following information:

  • Client number.
  • Password from the table of voice passwords.
  • Order details.

To submit voice orders, please use the contacts of the Brokerage Department.

*Time of acceptance of voice orders depends on the mode of trading on Moscow or London Stock Exchange: from the moment of opening of the main trading session on Moscow or London Stock Exchange (whichever of these opens earlier) until the closure of the main trading session on London or New York Stock Exchange (whichever of these closes later).

Detailed process of order placement and execution is described in Terms and Conditions for rendering of investment services

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