Non-trade Orders

Question: How to deposit funds to the account?

Answer: In order to deposit funds to the investment account, please use the requisites specified on the Company’s website: From the list of requisites, please choose only requisites of the Company you have signed the agreement with:
Head Office – AS KIT Finance Europe registered in Estonia;
Cyprus Branch – AS KIT Finance Europe Cyprus Branch registered in Cyprus.

Then, the Client is required to submit the Funds Deposit Instruction. This can be done via the:

Question: What is the commission for withdrawal of funds?

Answer: Commission for withdrawal of funds depends on the currency and type of order placement:

  • Withdrawal of rubles = 300 RUB
  • Withdrawal of US dollars = 25 USD
  • Withdrawal of euros or any other currency = 25 EUR

Orders submitted via fax, email or in paper form (excluding Funds Deposit Instruction submitted at the Company’s office) are charged 2 USD/2 EUR/150 RUB.

Question: How much time does it take to withdraw the funds?

Answer: Orders for withdrawal of funds are accepted from 8:30 to 14:00 Tallinn time (working days). Non-trade orders for withdrawal of funds or securities are executed no later than 3 (business & banking) days following the day of receipt of the order.

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