Application update for retail and corporate clients

We would like to notify our clients that our company has to keep up-to date identification records of all clients.

We are kindly asking you to send a new proof of identity if your documents on file have expired. You can do this procedure via the Personal Account page by sending all necessary documents in case of your documents are no longer valid. The information update procedure has been launched according to KIT Finance Europe policy to maintain anti-money laundering process and to prevent terrorism financing.

You can find the requirements for the new documents here.

In case of the client has not updated all required documents within specified period of time which was set by Investment firm, the KIT Finance Europe has the right to terminate the service for the existing client and to block all active trading terminals.

For the further information regarding applications update for retail and corporate clients, please see the link.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Client Support department

For retail clients

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For corporate clients

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