Risks associated with cryptocurrency transactions

Terms of cryptocurrency transactions and the main risks associated with these transactions.
Cryptocurrency risks include but are not limited to:
  • Legal status of cryptocurrency is not currently defined. There is no official regulation on either European, Estonian and/or Cypriot level regarding cryptocurrency transactions. MIFID (MIFID II) and other regulation of investment companies do not apply to cryptocurrency trade and non-trade operations.
  • Cryptocurrency transactions are highly risky with a large chance of loss of all invested funds. The Client is not recommended to make cryptocurrency transactions if the Client does not accept risk that all or most of the funds can be lost. In case of questions we recommend consulting with regulatory authorities, the Investment firm’s staff or other experts.
  • Cryptocurrency markets have different levels of liquidity.
  • Сryptocurrencies are traded on unregulated markets.
Read more information in Appendix 14.

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