Brokerage services

Experienced employees render a full range of brokerage services, including voice execution, margin lending, search of the best offers and conditions of execution of requests of clients.

Standard tariff rates are available, but we are also ready to make the individual tariff proposal depending on your trade profile of and investment purposes.

Trading and investment

We provide access to global markets of America, Europe, Asia and Russia. You have an opportunity to invest capital in shares, bonds, options, futures, ETFs, ADRs and GDRs, to earn on currencies' and precious metals' rate movements.

List of exchanges available


KIT Finance Europe offers OTC transactions, acting either as a broker or as a settlement center (custody). Experienced brokerage department of KIT Finance Europe AS allows to perform transactions of any complexity with an adequate assessment of accepted risks.

OTC transactions are: transactions with eurobonds, currency forwards or options, structural products, REPO.

Voice orders

It is possible to make transactions with stocks, bonds, futures and options, as well as other financial instruments, in the following ways:

  1. With the help of trading platforms, direct market access and universal connections. Learn more in Trading technologies.
  2. Via the voice order service to execute transactions
  3. Via the Personal account or otherwise stated by the Terms and Conditions of Rendering Investments Services.
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Margin Lending

KIT Finance Europe offers its clients margin lending. Margin lending is implemented via the provision of “credit leveraging,” which can be used by clients to engage in operations involving the purchase of securities despite the lack of funds in their investment accounts, or those involving the sale of certain securities despite their absence in clients’ custody accounts.

The Company is also ready to consider individual requests of clients in case of availability of other assets and demand in crediting.

Calculating funds available for margin trading

Conversion operations

KIT Finance Europe offers clients currency conversions in more than 80 currency pairs with a lot size of 1.

Currency conversion venues:

We have also substantially reduced broker commissions and made those operations even more cost-efficient.

KIT Finance Europe gives access to leveraged currency trading on Moscow Exchange (MOEX). Available currency pairs in this market are USD/RUB and EUR/RUB with a lot size of 1000 USD or EUR.

Unless otherwise specified, KIT Finance Europe margin requirements on MOEX currency market are set at:

  • Initial margin of 7%
  • Maintenance margin of 4%

* - KIT Finance Europe has the right to amend the margin levels unilaterally. For more information see Terms and Conditions.

List of available cryptocurrencies for purchase


Cryptocurrency for purchase: 

  • Bitcoin (BTC), 
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH), 
  • Ethereum (ETH), 
  • Ethereum Classic (ETC), 
  • Litecoin (LTC), 
  • Ripple (XRP), 
  • DASH (DASH), 
  • Monero (XMR), 
  • Zcash (ZEC),
  • EOS (EOS),
  • XLM (Stellar Lumens),
  • REP (Augur).

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