1. Protection of investors
  2. Investing via European licensed broker AS KIT Finance Europe guarantees compliance to requirements of the European legislation.

  3. All exchanges in one terminal
  4. Single trading terminal to access Russian, American, Asian and European exchanges. Single financial position across various currencies on all markets.

  5. Flexible tariff and product policy
  6. We approach each Client individually and ready to set conditions which will completely correspond to the needs of investor, trader or professional participant of the market. AS KIT Finance Europe provides high level of service and flexible tariff policy.

  7. Advanced technology and a set of accompanying services
  8. You can use accompanying services which we provide to our clients: marginal lending, custodial accounting, technical and client support, electronic flow of documents, conversion services.

    Pursuant to applicable Estonian law, AS KIT Finance Europe is not a tax agent for the purposes of tax withholding from foreign investors (non-residents of Estonia) deriving income from operations involving financial instruments.

  9. Stable business structure
  10. AS KIT Finance Europe operates since 2004. Strong shareholding structure, high professionalism of management, efficient business processes with risk control allow to speak about reliability and stability of the Company.

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